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Once again, Kolej WIT Ipoh has gone above and beyond 2012 under its new management owned by Technorati Consultancy (M) Sdn. Bhd. This is reflected not only in the figures but also in the numerous achievements of the company throughout the year.
For this, my heartiest congratulation goes to each and every member of the Kolej WIT Ipoh family. These achievements are not due to some overnight stint, but as the result of cooperative labour of love coming together over the years. In 2012 and in future years, Kolej WIT Ipoh will play a pivotal role in the nation's roadmap as the educational institution that develops bright and talented skill and technical students. Would like to conclude by saying :

" A Great Pleasure In Life Is Doing What People Say You Cannot Do "

R.Theventhira Desmond
Chairman / CEO


.:. To be leading centre for education and training

.:. To contribute to the nation's economic and social development as a leading centre for technical     and vocational training nationally and internationally.

.:. To play a vital role in cooperation with the government, business and industry in steering the      nation towards a knowledge economy.


.:. To provide high quality education that synthesizes both theory and practice to produce      competent professionals.

.:. To provide opportunities for industrial employees to upgrade their technical skills and      knowledge to promote their career development.

.:. To create a viable conducive learning athmosphere that demands high moral and ethical      values.

.:. To provide a stimulating substratum for development for both intellectual and extra curricular      activities within the campus.


.:. Kolej WIT was founded by the Transport Workers Union (TWU) of Malaysia in April 1977

.:. The TWU foresaw the need to upgrade the skills of Malaysians to keep up with the nation's      insight towards a developed country status by establishing the institute as part of its objective      to promote educational, cultural and social pursuit of its members.

.:. Kolej WIT ~ Ipoh Campus was set up in the northern region in 1986. Since then it has      expanded in the focus of providing the best technical education in the region.

     Kolej WIT in Ipoh was then taken over by a new management owned by Technorati      Consultancy (M) Sdn. Bhd. and rebranded the college as Kolej WIT Ipoh.

     Kolej WIT Ipoh is now offering industrial-based courses such as automotive technician and      electrical technician with full financial support from the goverment itself.

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Ezman Bin Idris Pelajar "Elektrik" Kolej WIT Ipoh Saya berasa amat bertuah dan berterima kasih kepada pihak Kolej WIT Ipoh kerana memberi saya peluang belajar di sini. Bidang kemahiran khususnya pendawaian elektrik merupakan minat saya dan saya sedaya upaya cuba untuk memanfaatkan kemahiran yang saya pelajari di sini untuk masa depan saya yang lebih cerah.